Some Hair Corsages I Made Today

Today I took a trip to the local craft store and picked up a hefty amount of supplies to make some much-needed hair corsages. It was my first time making well... anything really, so it turned out to be quite the adventure. After making a few I really started to get into the craft. So my sister and I made a SECOND trip to the store to pick up more supplies. In all I made (with some help from my sister) 37 hair corsages and still have the materials to make about 20 more. Here are the pictures:

Considering it is my first time making anything, I'm extremely proud of my work! Not to mention that, after everything is said-and-done, each corsage comes out to about $2-3 a piece. Anyways, I just felt like sharing what I spent my day doing. I hope you enjoyed


Hello everyone!

I'm new to Livejournal and have joined so that I can become part of the Lolita Community here! 

Outside of that, I am a fantasy novelist with the big dream of becoming published one day. I have been scribbling words on paper for about 11-12 years now and am finally getting to a point where my style is developed enough that I can pursue my dream.

Anyways, feel free to say hi!